Marine Conservation Internships Koh Tao
Our marine conservation internships aim to provide individuals with a thorough and in-depth knowledge and understanding of reef ecology and conservation. Throughout their internship, participants will have thorough training on several reef-based topics including:
  • Coral, reef fish, pelagic fish and invertebrate ecology
  • Reef species identification using a range of features and behaviours
  • Natural and anthropogenic (human) stressors to coral reefs
  • Threats to corals and other reef organisms, both locally and globally
  • Appropriate selection of survey methods for monitoring purposes
  • Methods used for ecological/biological research projects
  • Reef management strategies and conservation methods
  • Active and passive techniques used for coral restoration
  • Participation in underwater research, monitoring and marine conservation projects
Once interns have gained a good understanding of coral reefs, and the organisms that inhabit these ecosystems, interns will develop skills in applying various survey methods when conducting underwater research, monitoring, and conservation dives. Each intern will participate and lead dives in all of our long-term monitoring, research and conservation projects.

Carrying out a multitude of underwater surveys and research dives, interns will be a key member of the Roctopus ecoTrust team in gathering essential data on the condition and biodiversity of our reef ecosystems, helping to reveal trends in factors associated with reef health. Interns will also significantly contribute to research projects aimed at developing our ecological/behavioural understanding of key reef organisms and Koh Tao's reef ecosystems. Throughout the internship, participants will engage in several conservation activities including regular visits to our coral nurseries where they will master skills in coral restoration through coral transplantations.
Marine Conservation Internships on Koh Tao
Conservation Internship with the Roctopus ecoTrust
Interns will play a key role as a member of the conservation team, participating in all of our current projects each week. For more information on the projects they will be a part of, visit our projects page HERE

Each week, several training activities, surveys, research dives and conservation activities are available for interns to participate in. This program also includes free unlimited fun-diving for interns to enjoy on days when activities are not scheduled. This is a great way for interns to enjoy dives together, developing their underwater skills, and exploring dive sites around the island.

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Coral Restoration Internship Koh Tao

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