Conservation Divemaster Internship Koh Tao


Our 3-month Conservation ecoDivemaster internship combines both a marine conservation internship with our award winning divemaster training programme. This unique internship provides individuals with an in-depth knowledge and understanding of reef ecology and marine conservation, experience working on several research, monitoring and  conservation projects, as well as a professional divemaster qualification. 
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Why become a divemaster?

The divemaster training program is the best way for individuals to become a more competent and confident diver. Experience gained from participating in several in-water workshops and classroom sessions, as well as assisting in the teaching of other dive courses provides individuals with an extensive dive knowledge and skill set. Once qualified, a Divemaster also gains the ability to guide certified divers on fun dives, transforming their hobby into a paid job.

Divemaster training provides individuals with the ability to plan, conduct and lead dives in a fun and safe manner. Being more comfortable in the water allows divers to get the most out each dive and many of the skills developed as part of the divemaster training significantly benefit divers when conducting surveys, research dives, or other conservation activities.

Koh Tao Conservation Divemaster Internship
Divemaster with Conservation Internship Koh Tao

Divemaster trainees often complete over 100 dives during their training program, allowing them to develop and perfect skills in:
  • Buoyancy and trim
  • Underwater navigation
  • Dive planning and risk management
  • Dive briefings and boat management
  • Mapping of dive sites
  • Leading dive groups
  • Responding to challenging or emergency situations.

The ecoDivemaster program is a fantastic opportunity to spend 3 months diving with like minded people, and a great way to make diving friends for life. This program includes free unlimited fun-diving for all trainees to enjoy on days when activities are not scheduled.

This provides lots of time for trainees to hop on a morning, afternoon or night boat trip (or all three!) together. This is a great time for divemaster trainees to develop their underwater skills and explore all of the dive sites around Koh Tao.

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Once you have completed your divemaster program, this allows you to progress onto becoming a scuba diving instructor. This allows you to teach a range of different dive courses, and is a great way to pursue a career in the dive industry!

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