Join one of our conservation instructors to learn more about corals and the reefs they are responsible for building in tropical marine ecosystems. Gain a better understanding of coral ecology and the important role that corals play in promoting biodiversity worldwide. Identify first-hand the different growth forms that corals adopt when building their colonies and learn more about the threats that corals face as well as ways in which the reef can be protected using a variety of conservation methods.

What the day looks like…

The workshop begins with a morning presentation that introduces key topics surrounding coral ecology including:


  • What is coral?
  • How coral reefs are formed
  • The importance of corals in promoting biodiversity
  • Ecological & economic benefits of coral reefs
  • Coral reproduction and coral ecology
  • Growth forms that coral colonies adopt when forming large structures
  • Threats that corals face
  • Monitoring of coral reefs
  • Coral restoration methods used for reef conservation


1 Day Workshop on Coral Ecology
Following this, you will apply what you have learnt by going on two dives in the afternoon. Our Marine Biologist will point out several examples of corals that demonstrate many of the topics discussed during the morning. During these dives, you will take a close look at the features of corals and how their colonies form complex structures for other organisms to live in. You will also learn how to identify the different growth forms that corals all around the world adopt. These dives will also allow you to see first-hand several indicators of reef health and how these can be incorporated into reef monitoring programs, or used when deciding on methods used for restoration projects. At the end of the day, we'll log your dives and complete your exam, earning  you the Ecological Diver Certification card. 

Price: 5,500 Baht

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