Conservation programme Koh Tao

1 Day Conservation Workshop

Join one of our conservation instructors to learn more about corals and the reefs they are responsible for building during a one day conservation workshop. Gain a better understanding of coral ecology and the important role that corals play in promoting biodiversity worldwide. Identify first-hand the different growth forms that corals adopt when building their colonies and learn more about the threats that corals face as well as ways in which the reef can be protected using a variety of reef conservation methods.

5 Day Coral Reef Ecology & Conservation Programmes

These conservation programmes are designed to provide individuals with a good overall understanding of coral reef ecosystems and takes a detailed look into the ecology of corals as well as the many other types of organisms that are found living on the reef. During this program, individuals will learn how to conduct underwater surveys, and will also have the opportunity to use the knowledge and skills they have developed during the program by participating in various monitoring and research projects, gathering essential data on the health of reefs surrounding Koh Tao.

Marine Conservation Koh Tao
Coral Restoration Programme Koh Tao

Marine Conservation Internships

Our marine conservation internships aim to provide individuals with a thorough and in-depth knowledge and understanding of reef ecology and conservation. Interns will develop skills in applying various survey methods when conducting underwater research and will experience participating and leading dives in all of our long-term monitoring, research and conservation projects. Interns will play a key role in gathering essential data on the health of our reef ecosystems, will contribute to improving our ecological understanding of important reef species, and will engage in marine conservation activities that aim to protect, restore and conserve Koh Tao’s coral reefs.

Conservation ecoDivemaster Internship

Our 3-month Conservation ecoDivemaster internship combines both a full marine conservation internship with our award winning divemaster training programme. This unique internship provides individuals with an in-depth knowledge and understanding of reef ecology and conservation, experience working on several reef conservation and research projects, and a professional diving qualification that allows them to transform their hobby into a paid job.

 Koh Tao Marine Conservation Internship

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