Coral Bleaching Monitoring Koh Tao

Coral Watch is a citizen science project established by the University of Queensland that aims to gather information on the bleaching status of corals that form reefs all around the world. Data gathered from Coral Watch surveys provides scientists with valuable information on the extent of coral bleaching, factors that are correlated with bleaching events, how bleaching affects different coral types, and how reefs recover following bleaching events.  

The Roctopus ecoTrust conduct ongoing monitoring of coral health and carry out regular Coral Watch surveys at several different sites around the island. The colour and appearance of colonies is often used as a measure of coral health. During Coral Watch surveys, the health and bleaching status of several colonies is assessed and monitored using the Coral Watch colour chart. Data collected from these surveys is then submitted to a global database and provides important information on the health status of corals in the Gulf of Thailand.

Coral Watch Koh Tao

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